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Trinity Hall

Washington County - Trinity HallThe epic history of the bell tower at Trinity began on September 11, 1879, when William Wrenshall Smith opened the existing Smith home as Trinity Hall Academy, an all boys' military school.  Although it was not formally presided over by the Episcopal Church, it did maintain strong church ties and mandatory church services.

During this time, classical training taught in European schools was considered superior to basic American education.  This educational theory resulted in classical studies such as Declamation, Greek & Latin languages, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Sacred Studies at Trinity Hall.  The academy program also included a normal curriculum of arithmetic, bookkeeping, history, geography, and spelling.  Since it was considered a military school, there were some light military activities including calisthenics and drill training.  The school's financial situation was on shaky ground until 1895, when U.S. Grant Smith assumed control of the Academy.  Once his policies were applied to the school, it had its largest enrollment and a long waiting list.  After much success, the academy closed its doors in 1906.  Later the National Guard temporarily used the property.

On Frebruary 7, 1925, four directors of the Joint High School Board of Education met with Mr. Grant Smith and purchased the Trinity Hall property.  They created a joint high school named Trinity High School to provide education for residents of Amwell, Canton, North Franklin, and South Strabane.  It has been a major learning institution in Washington for nearly seventy-five years.   The original Trinity Hall remains as part of the Trinity Area School District's rich history.  Renovations are currently underway to preserve the original portion of Trinity High School and commemorate its seventy-fifth anniversary.

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